Intelligent Workflow Built for Physicians

A radiology platform specifically designed by experts in the workflow of a radiologist. Created specifically to improve efficiency, decrease image load times and improve accuracy through the application of advanced data analysis.

Unparalleled Reliability

Find out how IDGITAL is using the latest advances in streaming technology, combined with the undeniable power and performance of the Google Cloud Platform, to deliver performance and reliability unlike anything you’ve seen before in a remote teleradiology platform.

Artificial Intelligence

IDGITAL partners with the leading companies in the Artificial Intelligence space to create the industry’s leading machine learning platform. In addition, every study tagged by our artificial intelligence partners is tested in real time by feedback from our radiologists.

Intelligent Web Viewer

IDGITAL’s zero footprint viewer supports multiple monitors, hanging protocols, 3D reconstruction and other advanced tools radiologists demand without the need for VPNs or software installation. Wherever you have Internet access, you can access your images.

Advanced Workflow

You know how “Hey Google” helps you with your everyday activities? The same now extends to the IDGITAL workflow system. Your IDGITAL assistant performs a range of tasks and retrieves the information you need without having to take your eyes off your patient. We are always looking for new ways to innovate! Give us a call.

Key Features

IDGITAL's Clinical Application of Artificial Intelligence
The Power of Your Voice with IDGITAL Voice Assist
Zero Footprint with the Industry’s Leading Viewer, eUnity
The Most Advanced Mobile Radiology Platform in the Industry
Utilizes the Proven Performance and Innovation of the Google Cloud Platform
Instantly Consult with a Colleague with Consult on the Fly

IDGITAL Platforms


A full featured RIS/PACs replacement with intelligent workflow management and integrated billing and analytics, all on a zero footprint, browser enabled solution. No software to download and no network to configure. Just sit down and log in.


The industry’s most advanced mobile radiology solution in the palm of your hand. IDGITAL’s mobile solution has automated technologist dispatch powered by artificial intelligence algorithms, with seamless integration to the power of Google Maps for navigation.
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What Is the IDGITAL Community?

We believe the best way to solve any problem is through focused communication and collaboration. We don’t believe one company or one person has all the answers, but we do believe that by combining the best and most talented people and by leveraging a variety of advanced technologies we can solve very complex issues. To that end, we are building a true Radiology community where leaders all across the healthcare and technology spaces can come together to develop a platform that solves not only your basic problems, but also ensures your technologies improve with modern advancements.

Where Next?

Radiologists need to review more and more images every day. It seems inevitable that many of their daily tasks can be automated with the assistance of Machine Learning. We can train algorithms to spot and detect many types of abnormalities within radiology images. It is our goal at IDGITAL to get these powerful diagnostic tools into the hands of the Radiologist.
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The Physician Cooperative

IDGITAL is more than a platform; it’s an open exchange where you can gain access to new business and some of the best technology available, all while working with some of the most skilled people in the business.
“You can be in business for yourself but you don’t have to be in business by yourself.”
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