Our Vision:

To deliver better patient outcomes through advancement in technology.









John P. Hopkins RT(R)
Chief Operating Officer

 “At IDGITAL, we take our commitment to the patient very seriously. We have specifically built a team of clinical and operational experts with decades of experience in the Radiology space, in order to create a technology platform and infrastructure that finally delivers on the promises we in Radiology  have heard for years from technology providers.

We have specifically engineered a platform that incorporates the latest technology into an intuitive workflow. A platform geared toward removing non-value added time from the Radiologist’s work stream, while putting in their capable hands, the best diagnostic tools in the industry. “









Yann Kronberg
Chief Technology Officer

 “At IDGITAL, we are integrating the latest technology to build a Radiology platform that is truly laying the groundwork for the adoption and clinical use of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to improve both the Radiologist’s experience as well as the patient’s outcome.  It’s a very exciting time for technology in the Radiology space. 

Our platform is fundamentally designed to auto-scale  using a Kubernetes Orchestration Service during hours of peak usage and incorporates Google’s Stack Driver to monitor and alert in real time if any issues should arise. This is a completely new approach for the Radiology  space.  “









Amanda Templeton
Vice President of Operations

  “At IDGITAL, improving the delivery system for patient care in Radiology is our only focus. We are in constant development mode to ensure that the IDGITAL Radiology Platform is not just incorporating today’s best technology, but is also forward looking, to be sure we have the infrastructure in place to incorporate tomorrow’s technology.

For too long in Radiology we have come to accept an infrastructure design that has changed little since the introduction of the DICOM and HL7 standards in the late 1990s. We have accepted this technology in Radiology and medicine in general, while living in a age where far more advanced technologies inundate our lives. We at IDGITAL are actively changing this paradigm. “