What Makes Us Different?

IDGITAL leverages the most advanced web application and streaming technologies, combined with the powerful analytic and scaling capabilities of the Google Cloud Platform, to create a truly new approach to the acquisition, transmission and analyzation of diagnostic images. A secure, highly stable and cost effective radiology management solution, the IDGITAL Digital Assistant Platform brings tomorrow's technology to today’s clinical environment.

Delivering better clinical outcomes through advancement and technology

Your Patients Are Our Top Priority!

Placing the best technology in the hands of the most skilled physicians is our driving goal. Continuous development and re-investment in our technology is our strategy.

IDGITAL's Clinical Application of Artificial Intelligence

At IDGITAL, we have partnered with several of the leading companies in the AI Radiology imaging space to provide our clients with the largest array of FDA approved algorithms available in any single platform on the market. As more algorithms clear FDA approval, they will be added to the platform via a process that is seamless to our end users.

  • Images from facility transmit to IDGITAL Platform
  • Images are processed through AI algorithm upon transmission
  • Algorithms tag images with high degree of probability for pathology
  • Studies with images tagged as likely positive are elevated in Radiologist’s queue

The Power of Your Voice

Your IDGITAL assistant handles tasks and retrieves the information you need without having to take your eyes off your patient.

The same way “Hey Google” helps with your everyday activities, “Hey IDGITAL” now extends to the IDGITAL workflow system.

Zero Footprint with the Industry’s Leading Viewer

IDGITAL has partnered with eUnity, a trusted leader in the Radiology viewer industry, to offer the “Best In Class” zero footprint viewer on the market today. FDA approved for all Radiology modalities, including mammography, it offers a single, enterprise and diagnostic solution for all your imaging needs.

IDGITAL’s zero footprint view supports:

  • 3d reconstruction and other advanced tools radiologists demand without the need for VPNs or software instalation
  • Multiple monitors
  • Hanging protocols

Stateless Integration!

No more waiting on images to download to your workstation when opening a current or prior study. With IDGITAL’s innovative zero footprint viewer, powered by eUnity, images stream in a seamless, uninterrupted workflow.

IDGITAL’s innovative solution eliminates the need to transmit images to the Radiologist’s work station. Our zero footprint, cloud-based viewer is FDA certified for all modalities, including mammography.

No more transmission delays!

Every Prior at Your Fingertips!

When on-boarding new facilities, IDGITAL uploads the entire facility archive. This allows for access to all prior studies instantly. No longer do you need to interrupt the Radiologist’s workflow for missing priors.

IDGITAL’s innovative Cloud Storage solution ensures the Radiologist always has immediate access to all of the patient’s prior studies and reports.

IDGITAL Is Now Mobile!

IDGITAL presents the most advanced mobile Radiology platform in the industry. Automated Technologist dispatch, enterprise instant messaging and embedded navigation powered by Google Maps!

  • Intuitive mobile radiology workflow
  • Automatically assigns the appropriate technologist based on workload and travel time to next destination
  • Embedded messaging app allows for efficient communication between technologist and admin support

A True Physician Cooperative!

Being a multi-tenet platform opens new opportunities for practices large and small to share resources across town or across the world.

IDGITAL’s “Consult On The Fly” allows a Radiologist to instantly consult with a colleague anywhere in the world that has an internet connection, while maintaining the security of your data.

  • Connecting patients with their records
  • Connecting multiple healthcare facilities within a practice
  • Connecting multiple practices together within a health system
  • Connecting health systems together across the country or the globe

All in one completely integrated system that is highly reliable and auto-scalable

High Performance, Cost Effective, Highly Available!

Leveraging the proven performance and innovation of the Google Cloud Platform’s micro-service driven workflow allows for a new standard of speed, scalability and analytics.

  • Scalable, resilient, high performance object storage and databases
  • State-of-the-art, software-defined networking products on Google’s private fiber network
  • Fully managed data warehousing, batch and stream processing, data exploration, Hadoop/Spark and reliable messaging

Best Technology, Best Price

By utilizing the latest web application technology and cloud storage solutions and removing the need for the legacy siloed hardware solutions, IDGITAL provides the best technology at a fraction of the cost of a traditional PACS/RIS solution. The latest advances and updates will also always be available for no additional cost, making IDGITAL the last platform you will ever need.

  • No need for endless CapEx expenditures and support costs on multiple platforms that are outdated in the first two years of operations
  • Whether a large hospital system or small imaging practice, IDGITAL, as part of it’s SaaS offering, provides a platform that includes the latest in imaging technology